Kesasar – Castiglione

I experienced my first escape in sg on 5th March 2017 (the last day of recess). It was actually  a substitute plan for a trip to Batam which will never come true 😥 because of a reason which I will discuss in paragraph 2. However, I was as excited as ever to visit and experience my first escape (which did not happen).

The initial plan for the final trip with the group was actually discussed like in the first 2 weeks of the semester, However because AN was unable to make it in the weekend of the 2nd week, we decided to postpone our so called grad trip to 25th Feb yet it did not happen. It was quite silly cause I could not remember that I had a marathon on 25th Feb with CBEFF at that time despite the fact that everyone was keep reminding me for that big day. I carelessly marked my marathon and Batam trip on the same day although I had made my confirmation for the marathon long before the semester started. I realized the clash after AN brought it up 2 weeks before the D-day and it struck a lightning into my head. The cross country trip with the group was nearly cancelled and I could feel the regret for being sloppy in my time management. However, my tenacity to make this last outing come true led me to choose escape as our plan B. In the back of my mind I was extremely concern of the extremely low possibility for our group to be together again especially after this semester which I predicted will be the only moment left for us to have the time together. It was very fortunate that the entire group could make it and hence accepted my proposal, and hence the plan B was officially commissioned.

We experienced trouble on the D-day as our group started pre-game with miscommunication. Me and DR were left out in bus stop after AN promised to leave campus on the same wheels. JW went on his own from the Southern isle. Because of the miscommunication, we experienced a last minute arrival to the place, however we were lucky enough to find the place 5 mins after we entered the building. The building (Peace Center) was an old plaza (just like Lucky Plaza) where you can see shops from the 80s or 90s like barbershop, travel agent, snackshop and many more. Not many people visit the place, cause more people are probably more prone towards the newly built mall like Cathay or Plaza Singapura. Despite its dwindling amount of popularity, the 3 storeys building had its own history relic and it stood stil to provide service for its loyal customers.  

The game started after a short intro video of Castiglione in front of the counter prior to entering the room. The nice staff later guided us into our room and gave brief instructions of how to play the game and later left after telling us the which and which not. After the game, I would give remarks for the episode. Firstly, the puzzles for this room are solvable within one hour and it’s actually relatively easy except for the South Africa one where we went astray therefore requested for hint. Another good aspect that I’d like to talk is about the design of the room. The room was quite spacious with decorations that allowed me to immerse into the story; I was awed by some of the technology the room offered which totally caught me off-guard (the laser pew pew). The properties in this room overall were also very supportive for the game. The staff was very friendly and they provided free polaroid photo after the game whether you escaped or not. They were also quick to respond to our need when we requested for any.

However other than its positive, now its time to talk about its negative. When playing the game, I discovered some items were defect (we managed to solve one puzzle but the door didn’t open). Some improvements could be made actually when I’m comparing it with Pandora. Like provide walkie talkie instead coming back to the first room to ask for hints; put the intro video inside the room instead outside; provide horror music(?). 

However, I think Castiglione by Lost Sg was a decent escape room to try although some improvements considered possible. 

Disclaimer: I would not give a lot of comparison and comment cause it’s only my first escape experience. Probably and hopefully I’ll give a better review after testing out some other escape rooms in town.

One.. Twenty One KM

I ran my first half marathon on 25th February 2017 with my CBE friends as a part of CBE mega bonding day. Part of myself felt it was a groundbreaking achievement for I was able to achieve something that seemed to be impossible before while the other part was this feeling of brotherhood as CBE for these great 4 years together as friends.

I would give honorable mention for all of the CBE and esp II and AL who made all these great achievement possible. With all of the training sessions conducted, all the pain, the sweat, the post midnight dash and all of the things that kept us stepping forward despite all the headwinds that could drive us backward.

3 Months preparation, starting from December 2016 from that Chinese restaurant in JBsentral until the big day on 25th Feb… Our short journey ended with a blast. The event had ended, however our friendship will last. The event ends but our life goes on. Who knows what other opportunity lies ahead?

My first unofficial 21 KM

17th February 2017 was the first time I managed to get to exceed my mindset barrier and went all the way to number 21. It was an easy sail at first but experienced major headwind after the third turn (17km). I managed to get 21 in the end after constant struggle with my body but used 2 knees tendon to pay for it. May my leg be ready for Marina Run Marathon next week.

Molto Bene Part 1

Ciao tuttobene. That day on 7 February 2017 I got my first Italy quiz. It was under the sunshine though I experienced hesitation while doing it. The preparation was somewhat long (I think) and I did waste a few hours of my time to write unnecessary scribble. I started to study from at least Sunday after badminton with NF. I started opening up my Italy copy and notes and then ended up with the scribbles

The morning of the quiz was when I felt a great dillema was shrouding me. Devastated by my incapability to study on bed, I rushed out of my room to seek shelter inside my block’s tv lounge. It was tremendously helpful for it mamaged to provide me a conducive revising session. Problem came an hour later when I needed to decide  between two options of jogging or revising. What made the matter worse was my limited time constraint as I needed to get everything done before bio tutorial. l studied until there was 30 minutes gap but in the end I decided to skip the tutorial to run instead.

Feeling regretful after running for 40 minutes and neglecting my responsibility. I attended bio lec on the next hour and met VA inside. I couldn’t keep up with the lecturer so I could decide nothing but to rage quit an hour after experiencing brain paralysis for listening to alien lecture. I left with VA and then got separated for I decided to visit SS to find another safe haven for studying Italy.

I was grateful that the quiz was done terrificly and I would thank god for his mercy on me. I could remember the excitement of being able to do anything I want freely (especially during dinner). I was enthralled to go to gym that day but NF received an impromptu sickness which caused me to go solo. 

Another thing worth celebrating was my Rival Whey welcoming. I had been waiting to get this protein source from Saturday and was extremely jubilant when I unpacked the whey with the blender. I remembered it was near to 8pm by the time the driver uncle reached hall 10. I unpacked then rushed to go to gym.

Later I received a guidance from HP. The gym was crowded and I did go solo that day. I finished my entire session in 1.5 hours then continued with 1 NTU run. It was a good exercise to build stamina although I felt weary running twice a day and did body building on the same day. Yet it was so fulfilling like I would like to do it again.

Part Time Again

My goal was to make money when the rate was above the normal days hence with just a few lines of wa chat I managed to contact WM. It was supposed to be A’s number but apparently she quit.

First thing to do was to choose which job. I received 3 options; the worst was to be toilet cleaner (YUCK). And so I picked the one at Hotel Jen where I assumed I could claim for cab. The biggest problem for this hotel was that I need to buy red shoes, whilst my red nike shoes was unacceptable. I was a bit stressed out and on the day WM started a Bugis street tour to get the shoes but in the end asked his friend to lend his red shoes to me.

I spent quite some time at SAR office before embarking on my journey to somerset at 3 pm. We had snack time before work and got our dinner an hour after work.

I met with Tin and Sarvil. The job was quite easy and the supervisors were as nice as an angel. I was glad I managed to finish all my jobs with no sweat and reached home safely.

Scream and Shout for Health is Wealth

Finex 2017 was on 21st January 2017 and I was somehow a part of it despite having a career fair on the same day.

Waking up that day was incredulously hard but the hardest part of the day was when the game officialy started. 

I woke up when the sun was still hidden behind the two hills on the horizon. I managed to overcome the strong gravitational force from my bed and was able to start to prepare myself for Finex 2017. I walked to carpark q alongside the morning breeze. Reaching there was the point when I started to wake up from my comma state and reactivated my logistic senses. I helped with the transporting of goods and managed to get a seat beside Labbit the Facilities Management. Despite the crappy bus, it was a smooth ride.

We reached Microsoft HQ an hour later. The exquisite MBS scenery grew an awe on us as we marvelled the unparalleled masterpiece. We unpacked our Finex goods and put it on level 21. The code to enter the building was 0102020 haha. 

After Me and KL accomplished our objective we deliberately stayed on level 1 to avoid any unnnecessary contact with our bosses. Our goal was for us to minimize any potential threat for our energy storage. On the first level I saw J talking to her friends, she was not as beautiful as model but her appearancr was truly captivating the moment I saw her.

It was not long before I started moving out with my zhi ya ban team (consisting of 7 aspiring individuals) to Marina Barrage. I teamed up with KL and E as game masters for Health is Wealth game. My good boss was called YS and she had a very mesmerizing persona accompanied with attractive looks. I felt very enthusiastic for this game therefore I was the only one who managed to pull my vocal chord till its limit by screameing and shouting as loud as I could ever be to make the game a success. Luckily KL and YS were willing to substitute me when I was feeling down.

The result for that long day at Marina Barrage was extreme red skin from intense sun burn. I accidentally left my bag at Microsoft Office, the bag that had my sin block. Hence without the sufficient protection from direct radiation, my skin was vulnerable for any kind of attack from our solar system’s nearest star. We headed back to HQ after we managed to entertain the whole 40 teams of participants. We got lost on our way back when boarding bus number 400, but managed to get back to Microsoft HQ safely. 

The only thing that kept me going was a saying. A saying that made everyone of us worshipped the HQ, for there would be enough ration for us all. I was utterly devastated when PZ let the cat out of the bag that they ran out of food. Me and KL could not control the boiling water and decided to raged quit and went home (jk) we were just too lazy to watch the prizes that were not meant to be ours handed over to other people. On my way back, Despite a very rough day, I could not know what was GOD’s plan at that time when me and KL met J on our way back home from the office. She was quite lost there, so we decided to giide her back to NTU. We had a long conversation with her and were sad when we parted on our way from Boon Lay. 

Outing in an Overseas Outlet 🚍🚌

5 December used to be her special day. However time has shown our need to be segregated hence I only extended my congratulatory remark through social media. She replied with a few sentences and I did too yet it stopped after some time. I did expect that, and I felt perfectly fine for that although deep down I still had the feelings to be in contact with her again.

The above part is actually just a side note of what am I going to tell you on 5 December 2016. That day was the day when team CBE went overseas on a grand adventure (shopping and window shopping grand adventure) . It was JPO, a huge Factory Outlet (FO) reachable using public bus and with a reasonable price (I think very very reasonable). JPO is an integration of hundreds of FO (either local or international) that sells various items from branded shoes to snacks. It is in the middle of JB Malaysia and can be reached from SG from either CIQ interlink or JB Sentral checkpoint.

We embarked on our journey there via CW6 in Jurong Point and alighted in CIQ2nd Interlink checkpoint. We caught the first bus in the morning but got stucked in SG Malaysia custom for around 15 minutes. Because of the slight bump on the road, we failed to get the JP02 bus in CIQ which departed at 8.3oAM local time (we were late for 3 minutes only). I felt utterly devastated since I felt responsible for recommending this route to my friend (which probably was riskier but provide more convenience for us). The next JP02 bus will not be available for 3 hours and we were clueless for what can keep us company for 3 hours.

Courage pays the price when Sahat boldly asked for an alternative solution from the station master. The other driver decided to lend a hand and called back the just now departed bus and allowed us to be on board after the other driver allowed us being transported near Legoland just to let the had departed JP02 bus to return and picked us up. First round of barrier: passed.

The empty JP02 got its wheels on the JB highway as soon as we sticked our ass on it. We felt soothed with our journey as our eyes witnessed the exquisite scenery of JB. A layer of green field stretched into the mountanous hill and could be seen from along the entire highway. As the driver confidently drove the old 40-seated transporter, we let ourselves be immersed into the journey and waited for amazement that awaits us at JPO.

The 20 Ringgit+ 20 Dollar had gotten us from Singapore to JPO. We arrived at JPO an hour before the place opens (even the money changer). That moment was when we realized how tough it would be if we were poor. We dumbfoundedly discover that information center could be a great place to spend 1 hour of our time for free at that massive FO. We sat down and saw a lot of workers passed by staring at us in partial disgust and confusion. We acted cool and successfully conquered round 2.

When 10 Am arrived, we hastily got ourselves our MYR from the nearest money changer. I exchanged 20 Dollar only to restrain my purchasing power. The exchange had no queue in the morning and we got our money in a jiffy. In our pre-shopping session, we had our breakfast inside the FO’s food court and shared some slices from “Fitsa Hats”. We reignite our engine after our tank went full.

The rest of the trip was only accompanying Ruv and Eus in their quest to buy the best pants from a highly endorsed retail, while the rest were enjoying and studying the view of a lavish lifestyle from the experts. And to train ourselves to master our own greed. Third round of barrier: Passed

Sad but not really, we ended our window shopping great adventure when one of the shop owner got mad when we ripped one of their pants. Haha LOL, no la! we need to go back cause I was having a meeting at 7 PM in Dhoby Gaut! So heavyheartedly, we went back around 3 PM. This time we headed to JB Sentral as the bus there were more frequent than CIQ. The rest had their dinner there yet I held myself back for my meeting dinner in Aston later that night. On our way back I got separated from the rest cause I need to rush through the custom as I was dreadful my boss would choke me to death if I missed the meeting.

 I waved and chanted my goodbye melanchonically to my friend in the SG checkpoint. As their figure shrinked to the size of a dot, I boarded the 170 back to Kranji with hope that I could see then again. Final round of Barrier: Passed.

8 Years and Counting

I think 5th January 2017 was quite a memorable moment; despite my significant cash outflow :'(, I would say it was worth reminiscing.

Looking at the morning twilight enthralled me when I woke up that day. I started my day with a short gym session before I had a family gathering at the table for an early breakfast and brief discussion about Nandesia politics. In spite of the fact that I knew that I was going to have a breakfast session with Lukralic and Hildle, I could not resist the urge to taste and eat all of the things on the table which I regretted a moment later.

The gathering started at 9 AM at Asui Noodle near Rabepunk. I arrived 10 mins earlier than the stipulated timing and managed to book a seat. Hilde and Lukralic arrived a few minutes later. We had a broad conversation from school, work, life in that small ruko. The noodle was exceptional and worth to visit again in the future.

We were positive that a 30 mins conversation in a noodle shop was utterly insufficient so we pinpointed a new destination in our GPS; fastened our seat belts and hit the gas pedal. Lukralic was with Hildle’s automobile and I unfortunately got left behind.

We parked inside the Medit carpark and coincidentally met up again at CG’s car park entrance. We wandered around, trying to get ourselves inspiration of what things to do there. Then we had a big surprise: Archtacker whom we expected could not make it was suddenly there and joined us in the humble gathering. The brotherhood’s now been completed and we were ready for something big…

We started our CG adventure by sitting down in Cha时候 and talked about things from movies to stuffs I could not remember. We talked til our digestive system started demanding for nutrients so we headed for Hawaiian food at the top level and continued our deep conversation there.

Looking at the time was when we realized that our short gathering had reached the end and it was time to go on our separate ways until next week when Hildle would go to Ganspairo to watch lalaland.

I drove Lukralic back to his habitat and Archtacker and me to Pandora to complete my Pandora Puri chapter and to meet our long lost friend from land of Sydney Opera House and land of SGU. It was quite touching, to able to see them again after quite some time. Everything seemed to have changed in the way I could not possibly imagine. Zorrro had found his significant other and Arlean too while me was still struggling to find my true self and trying to get myself a job. We had a small talk before entering the Shutter Asylum, and time to take photo for our 10 percent discount.

Inside was full of super difficult puzzles, luckily our walkie talkie had saved us from apocalyptic doom inside that small compartment. There were two times when I was awed by this game. I was amazed even after all these time playing all the episodes there was still things that I could not imagine could be there. Fortunately with GOD’s mercy, we got out with a smile on our face and gave two thumbs up for the game master.

We rushed out from Pandora to give way to Archtacker for his return trip. We could not decide on what to chew before Tacker brought up his wish to taste Carl’s Jr. Me Zorrro and Arlean were delighted to make Mr. Good friend’s wish came true. We met for the last time at that burger shop. We talked and laughed til the time we all needed to go. And we braced ourselves for the emotional collapse and hoped to be able to meet again in 2017.

See marang

31st  December 2016 – 1 January 2017

I have just found out that it was the first time I celebrated new year (or not) outside Jakarta. The aim for the trip was to visit Undip and to discover another treasure of Indonesia. Semarang is a city of beautiful scenery and for me it is a far less hectic city than Jakarta. Vast green area, less traffic and cheap culinary products from end to end is truly the privilege of Semarang. Its favourite food is none other than Loenpia and Wingko with famous landmarks such as Sam poo Kong, Lawang Sewu, Kota Tua, etc.

To sum up my journey, I went through Gambir, boarding Argo Muria in the morning and headed directly to Semarang  Tawang. The 6 hrs trip could either entertain you with non stop paddy field or get you bored, you’d prefer to bring something interesting to read or just sleep the entire journey. The food on board was Solaria’s. Eating on board probably is not recommended as the journey was bumpy like hell and the food was bit expensive than outside. The toilet was a squatting toilet and I would not recommend squatting down either.

Reaching Tawang was a relief after sitting for 6 hours. There were sufficient taxi drivers parking in the station so you could just pick one, drive and go. Unfortunately Uber and Grab were harder to get (probably due to new year holiday) and it made me and my mom spent half an hour trying to get them.

I reached my sis dorm in around half an hour and paid 40 k something. It was a nice place and the facilities worth the price although the downside was hot water was unavailable. We left our bags inside my sis room and headed to Sam Poo Kong, the biggest temple in Semarang (and it sure was). It was huge, probably bigger than olympic stadium and worth to visit with less than 20k per pax. There were several small shrines inside with a big hollow space in the middle of it. We decided to take a look at the shrine and managed to get some photographs as souvenirs. There are two ways to enter the shrine: 1) for sightseeing, 2) for praying. Sightseeing costs 25k per pax while praying costs a pack of incense with 10k per pax. We chose the second option and saved us 15k. There were guides that can inform you of which shrine to visit in the right order.

Next we headed for Paragon Mall, the biggest shopping mall in Semarang. It was as big as Neo Soho but shorter. We watched Railroad Tiger by Jackie Chan and it was actually an entertaining movie  with good story and humour from old Chen Long. The mall closed in 8 PM ( because of New Year) then we headed for dinner before headed back to dorm. We managed to visit Semrawis Market and Cik Me Me Loenpia and the Loenpia was delicious.

Next day was the last day in Semarang. We slacked until the time to visit Undip. We rose in the morning and “checked out” at 7am. We visited the A, B and C building of medicine and travelled for miles to see the other buildings from the outside before resting our legs in Indomaret next to Undip. In there I finally bought Magnum which I regretted later for bringing in those calories. Undip was huge although the exterior looks a bit old and no internal shuttle was present; it would also be better if wifi is provided throughout campus. From Indomaret, we walked a little bit more before finding ourselves a line of parking taxis. We picked one and went to our next destination: Lawang Sewu. It was a beautiful train museum and was well maintained. We wandered around for about one hour and took photos before going back to the street.

The next stop was Soto Sapi Gadjah Mada. It was delicious although the portion was relatively small (and also the price). Next stop was Old Town, In there we exhausted ourselves by wandering around the old yet majestic buildings built during Netherlands occupancy. We travelled under the scorching sun, then rest awhile  before going to Citraland Mall to rest inside aircon roof and tasted the Chendol. We strolled around the crowded mall and it was probably the most populatedly densed mall I had ever seen. Due to mild suffocation, we then decided to go out and visit the infamous Simpang Lima although nothing was open at the time of our visit. We decided to instead do our leg day as part of our new year resolution to visit Pandanaran nearby and buy some local delights. Later we decided to head back to my sis dorm to refresh ourselves before headed back to Tawang. We were exhausted and sweated our armpit on our way from Simpang Lima to Pandanaran and deemed ourselves unworthy to travel in such horror. In the end we “checked” out from our “hotel” again and saying goodbye before headed to Tawang and ended my short visit to Semarang.

P.S. the return train was far better though it was much colder. 

Due to misscheduling we stayed at Tawang for 4 hours.

My neck hurts on the return train