On That Halloween

I wouldn’t celebrate halloween, the reason for that was because I am 100% oriental and Asian don’t celebrate Halloween. We only see that as a unique celebration from the west. However, like most of the other western culture, Halloween has broken the barrier to enter Asian territory and subsequently mixed into our culture. When television broadcast all Halloween themed show, our society starts to accept Halloween and even start celebrating it.

That was what happened to me on 28th October 2017 where I joined one of Singapore’s Halloween Horror Night on its seventh installment. It was an annual event where for the period of one month, USS will open at night and make people jump out of their skin with 5 sophisticated haunted houses, shows, scare actors and scary Halloween decorations.

So with the invitation from my colleague at WJS I am able to visit my first horror night. The decoration in HHN7 was mesmerizing and I believe the organizer had done an amazing job to ensure people get goosebumps. The haunted house was my goal of the day and with determination and perspiration I was able to complete all of the houses with minor injuries. However, after all the bad experience swimming inside the ocean of people I would highly consider getting myself the Express Pass.

Below are my personal grading for all the houses.

  1. Hex (5/5)
    This was when I fell on my butt when I was curiously admiring the thin curtain. The scare actor came at me from the other side and made me lost my balance. The rest of the house was filled with intense decorations followed with the disco light room.
  2. Terror Cotta Empress (5/5)
    Terror Cotta was one of the best. The Empress actress sure did her job well. Followed with the shut doors and intricate decorations. I would say Terror Cotta worth my time despite the ultra long queue.
  3. Make The Cut (4/5)
    K-Pop Haunted House.. Hmm okay, that is weird. ArGhh all the pretty scare actresses. All the lights yet all the jump scares. You will never know what will come at you. The baseball bat girl was very attractive though.
  4. Death Mall (3.5/5)
    Good decorations and story, though I did not get much jump scare cause my friend received all the scares when I just laughed at his back.
  5. Into The Mind (3.5/5)
    Into the Mind was ok. The foggy room and light bridge were memorable.

Kudos to all the scare actors and set & property designers. They all have made my first Halloween Horror Night so unforgettable. I will join again next year if I have the opportunity. Until Next Time.


Filipino Food Again

21 October 2017 That day was R & E open house. I received the invitation few days before from J and gladly accepted it. Then both me and J went to their place at around 1 PM where we were welcomed with drinks, snacks and chicken wings. Me and J bought them Bread Talk’s cookies and then shared with all the guests and hosts. We spent most of our time talking about business and stuffs and managed to finish all by 3PM

Jurong East was our next stop. We went to Westgate tower for Blood Donation. Everyone was excited J, R and E. However the saddest part for me was that I was rejected. The reason was because of my visit to Batam and Manado cause both are Malaria infested zone.

At last my day was closed with Filipino food party. Thank you to my Wah Joo Seng colleague who recommended me this awesome sisig (though I discovered that sisig is actually pork’s ear). I had a great conversation with my friends there and ended my day by having good conversation. P and N also joined the dinner and made everything merrier





我们一起去啦被啦都公园在新加坡的南方骑自行车运动。实际上我们发现很大的秘密。这不是很小的公园但是是多么大的公园。它有三千米,能去森林,海滩,小Keppel岛, 码头和慢跑道。



9 Oct 2017

Today I managed to Set up new keywords for both of my campaigns. Analyzing google analytics have helped me with deciding the right keywords to further refine my game. Furthermore I have just discovered a new way for adding several ad extension to the for all of my advertisement. With all the pieces aligned it is time to create the best google adwords campaign.

However I still need to see whether all of the adjustments made really contribute positively to my campaign tomorrow we will see. Hopefully Wah Joo Seng and Pureflex campaign will show new high

Jollibee Hangout

Hi there, I would like to tell you what happened on 6th of October 2017. It is not much but at least it was meaningful. The Jollibee hangout was terrific. After a long journey to the central of Sg from the west. Me and my colleague from Wah Joo Seng manage to reach Jollibee Lucky Plaza with astonishment. The queue was excessively long for just a fast food chain and we come in thought to retreat. However in the end we chose to persevere and managed to get a seat inside.

The food there was delicious especially the chicken. Must try the burger also!

After the jollibee then try Halohalo and Leche Flan downstairs and it was superb also

Officially Marketing Guy?

So I have been having this feeling that I will not become a salesman but more into marketing just because I mentioned I have several internship and CCA experience in marketing on my resume. I kinda feel like it when I hear my new title although it also worries me as much. Clearly I am not the best marketing guy ever and my content creation skill is probably as good as dragging and dropping other people’s content.

Nevertheless I decided to proceed with this role since I do not have better offer.

My so called coronation as Marketing Executive was done on 22 September 2017. It was marked when Wah Joo Seng management agreed to my proposal and handing me the green light to continue with the project

I don’t have much to say except I need to create good content every single day!



Boom Bedeboom Boom

I asked her out on Sunday when discussing of what to do on Ganspairo’s 52nd birthday. She was quite docile and showed agreement for the idea to watch NDP in the twinkling of an eye.

On D-1 was when I became anxious as I did not feel quite confident for hanging out with just the two of us together. Moreover I was still under the hangover of the great big battle so I was fearful that my mood will cling to the moment.

However, hours spent with her at the parade was actually memorable and created lasting impression. Despite the minuscule size of the army and its equipment we were still able to watch the firework vividly despite all the human blockade and building.

So, it was truly a night to remember.

Graduate Lor…

​4 Years in university for me is like a fish swimming in a big pond. You can be big or remain small depending on how you feed yourself. Some eat fast and some eat slow but in order to survive, the fish need to eat.

The goal of staying in the pond is to grow. Because the fish will all be released into a much bigger water: The Ocean. The bigger you are, the higher your chance for survival, for smaller fish might be devoured by bigger fish or swept away by the oceans current.

I do not think my fish is a fast eater, and my size probably only grew for little to none throughout these hellish 4 years (especially the last one). Fortunately I was able to survive the NTU pond thanks to my parents, friends, teachers, and most importantly: TANKS.

However, life after pond cannot wait and suddenly now I am already swimming in the ocean, sharing water with million other fish and taking a dive into the deep ocean that sometimes can be threatening, for I am unable to see what lies behind that darkness. But at the end of the day it is about whether you are in the right size to swim in the ocean or not. And these past 4 years, although I believe am still not ready, have allowed me to grow despite the small yield. Hopefully I have grown into the right fit or if I have not, I wish that I can catch up with my lost quickly.

Lastly, I would like to mention happy graduation to my fellow 2017 graduates and thank you all for you who has been a part of my inner circle. 

For the night is dark and full of terror and What is dead may never die.

Pi’s Meetup

On 23rd July 2017, I met Pris in NTU. She came back to NTU to pursue her master in biomedical and just officially matriculated. She was still waiting for the MOE to issue her student pass so that she can start part time.

We met after I asked her on Wednesday. I was thinking of using the freedom I currently had before entering the real workload of my job to meet her. I planned to meet on Friday however she was occupied at that time as her sister was visiting so we agreed to shift the date to Sunday.

On the D-Day, I used public transport to reach NTU. We exercises for almost 2 hours and exchanged words and stories. The next thing to do was to refuel our gas tank and we headed to NS for pasta but too bad they were closed.

We decided to find another source for delicacy and roamed half of the campus before decided to make a visit to SRC and admired the majestic wave building. After a deep observation we continued with our quest for food and headed to Can17 which was closed as well.

Desperate for food, we agreed to go to JP and waited for 179 at in front of Hall4. There was nothing fancy, we only ate cafeterian food and talked for few hours before headed back. It was simple meetup and I am supportive for this kind of meeting to happen again.